It’s been a blast from the past of childhood memories. When I was in grade school my best friend used to take me hiking and camping with her grandpa. I don’t remember who else was there, but Pinnacles and Yosemite were part of that. Junior high I went with another friend in her dad’s camper shell on back end of truck.

My family did several RV trips when I was TINY, but 5 kids in an RV was not on my “that was cool” list. Never thought I’d search for a pop up camper, but that’s where I found myself. The RV takes too much gas/ maintenance for “vintage” but a pop up fit the bill!

I’ve done my share of tent camping the last few years. I prefer hammock camping now rather than sleeping on ground, but that takes trees. Now, however, it’s morphed into my pop up!

I got her about a month ago and have spent time painting and cleaning. I’m getting her ready for a March trip to boondock in Maricopa. There’s a lot to learn still, but fun is key! I’ll never sleep on ground again!


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