Utah Mighty 5… in 5 days!

IMG_3444I’ve never been to UT! When my mentor told me it was time to get plugged into the Park circuit I knew my time had come. After I got back from the Lassen trip I decided that’s what I was going to focus on. I sent out a few emails to different Park service contacts that I found online.

One person was quick to respond and forwarded my volunteer application within his group. That’s how this all started and I am very thankful that it took off quickly.

Not only am i on schedule to be there as their volunteer, but they also arranged volunteer housing while I’m there. I thought i’d be hammocking, which I also love, but a kitchen and a shower too? Can’t argue with that! I’ll take my hammy gear for “down” time.

The pic is from Glen Canyon. Because there’s limited competing “light” the skies are epic for star viewing.

TBD which of 5 UT National Parks I’ll get to. More than anything this trip is about building the foundation of relationships and network. However if all ends up is fine by me. Getting there is a quick 90 min hop. I do those hops anytime I’m going to Cali to visit family.

I’ll have my Nikon point and shoot, Ipad and power. TBD if I post, but I’ll try to at least once.

Happy travels,



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