The NEXT chapter is unfolding.

IMG_3444Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It’s called “life.” Either learn the lesson from it or keep looking for unfortunate events.

I’ve had my fair share of lessons. Even though I didn’t always agree, I own them.This is where life gets really fun/ interesting! Thanks to reconnecting with my college professor/ mentor, I understand how the next chapter will fall into p,ace due to my actions.

Im a Parks and Recreation grad.  Never anticipating being pulled into The park side. My soul is all about Parks. National, State, Regional, BLM( Bureau of Land Management). Love all the public land!

I’m building my network for the next chapter. In October I go to Mighty 5 National Parks in Ut. Yesterday I called the volunteer coordinator and they are putting me in a room with kitchen to enjoy while I’m there. Nice surprise as I thought camping was my only option. I love sleeping outside so there were no issues, but this gives me welcome options.

I told my coordinator that when i’m on “longer vacation,” my husband flies out and joins me for the weekend. Asked if that was allowed and she said, “no problem.”

Cloud 9… my life is amazing! This is really turning into a dream!

I’ll break rhe next chapter down more as I go. Right now is a work in progress.


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