Epic Adventure- Mt Lassen Volcanic National Park…

I’ll start by saying that even though I graduated from CSU, Chico I didn’t spend much time in Lassen/ Redding area. I regret it now, but onward and upward. I was invited back as volunteer to support “Beat the Heat” hike.

I’d done that hike but that would have been 1989ish. Keeping it all in perspective, cell phones, digital cameras and the internet didn’t exist yet. 😳 Dang I feel OLD all of a sudden!

28 years since my last hike up to the peak! I made it, but Lord it wasn’t as effortless this time around!

So what did I get out of it? Truely the best part was spending  i’ve around the 2 professors that helped guide my education. i got their message loud and clear. I’ll go into that, but first let’s step back to my 4 years earning my Bachelor of Science in Parks & Recreation.

Back in the early 90s there was community, therapeutic, parks and resort & lodging management. I did volunteer for therapy, but didn’t see that as my “fit.” Parks was OUT in my book. Even though I did the camping and outdoor leadership, the parks were NOT my thing. To me “those” people were too granola. I’m flashing back to the Brady Bunch episode at Grand Canyon.

Now 28 years later Parks are my thing! I NEVER thought the day would come where I’d identify with being a Parky. Well, i’m here to tell you that I am THAT person.

With that said, the message I heard loud and clear was that I had life handled until retirement, but then what? I can’t stop living! I came back to AZ and reached out to the Forest Service contact that i found on line. Letting them know that I want to be a volunteer.

The goal is to get connected now and start building the foundation for my “next chapter.” This is very exciting! Things happen for a reason and there are no accidents. I received an invite with Utah Parks to become a volunteer. In September I was planning n doing Utah to hit “fab 5.”

I’ll be selling my Mazda and picking up a Subaru along with small pop up trailer! If you knew me you’d know that this DREAM is happening!

Absolutely amazing that these dreams from decades ago are coming into “play.” Thoughts become things, eh Mike Dooley? Lol…


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